Quick update

Friends, riders and team managers
As promised, were are now going to be sending you news via e-mail. All you need to do is to register, using the form at the bottom of this page. Then all the news ands/or changes we publish will go straight to your Inbox immediately. This will be especially helpful during the course of the season, when swift distribution of information to riders is really important – and it is essential that you keep up with the news! So if you want to be “up to speed“, all you need to do is fill in your e-mail address on the form and click on Přihlásit k odběru. Then check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail, on which you simply click on the link that will take you back here to our website. This just serves to validate your e-mail address. In every new e-mail you will have a link for cancellation of the subscription, in the event that you want to change address or just don’t want to subscribe to the news any more .

News and changes in regulations

Friends, riders and team managers
Just three months to go to the first race of the new season, and some of you are doubtless training hard already. We as organisers have also been hard at work, and have made some interesting progress: now we have some news for you, together with changes in the regulations and competition system for the Supermoto championship in 2019.
Apart from settling certain minor matters that resulted from feedback from participants, there are some big changes. These are important and are the result of our listening to things that both riders and organisers have brought up.

Saturday training sessions

The way we conduct Saturday training sessions the biggest change, made in response to suggestions from the pit-lane. From now on, Saturday training sessions are going to be an inseparable part of the racing weekend as a whole – and they are going to be LAP-TIMED. Lots of our riders have, logically enough, wanted timing, as this enables them to set up their bikes during Saturday, so this should give everyone an extra edge and the chance to react to different tracks and conditions

Fees and Prices

However, this change has affected the price of a race weekend, something that the organisers felt was in acute need of adjustment. In view of the fact that expenses for circuits and safety arrangements are continually rising, we were unable to keep registration fees as low as they have been, simply because none of the organisers were willing to arrange races for us at the old rates. That would have left us with loads of beautiful race tracks but nowhere to race, which would be shame, wouldn’t it ? The bottom line is an increase in prices of just around 15% (depending on category). Together with the fee for inseparable Saturday training sessions, the final prices for an MMCR 2019 racing weekend now look like this:

Category 1 – 2.400,- Kč
Categories 2 and 4 – 2.200,- Kč
Category 3 – 2.000,- Kč
Categories 5, 6 and 7 – 1.200,- Kč

New Riders, More Tracks

We have moved into closer cooperation with the Austrian championship organisers. This means that the first race weekend, at Vysoke Myto on 13–14 July, will be shared, as will the race in Melk on 14–-15 September. This mixing will bring more competition for all riders, more fun for spectators and hopefully even help popularise and promote our favourite sport. And last but definitely not least, since the prices have gone up a bit, we have been able to negotiate races on all Czech tracks! Last year we had only Pisek and Vysoke Myto and, to be honest, three out of four races on just one track is not very satisfying. So let’s enjoy all of the beautiful tracks in this season!

Stay fast, stay safe and have a great season