Supermoto Quads

Dear friends and especially quad riders!
We got an information that some of you miss racing on tarmac. We really appreciate that because quads were always inseparable part of our czech championship and their return would definitely put a big smile on face of every fan. With our experience from last few years we would firstly like to find out how many of you are realistically there ready to race. Changing whole weekend schedule for three riders is not really what we are looking for. So please, ask your friends and rivals and let us know about you! If there would be enough of you, we will start prepare races for quads. All you have to do is register yourself with your number on Be sure to register until 7th of April because then we will count you up and start to prepare everything. But mainly we will see how many of you really mean to race.

Technical updates

Hello friends, riders and team managers,
there is only 50 days left until the first race of 2019 and therefore we’ve decided to remind you some of the most important technical regulations and rules. Firstly the necessity of back protector for all the categories. Secondly the MX gloves will NOT be accepted not even in the class S3 MX Cup. Next important thing to mention is that the mounting any camera on helmet is strictly forbidden. If the helmet is supposed to pass the technical check it can’t have no mount for camera neither. Another point is that sliders on foot pegs and wheel axis will be strictly supervised. Next on, as it was said at the end of the last season the noise limit has been lowered to 114dB for 2019 season and last but not least we would like to remind which homologations of helmets will be accepted this year. And last thing, if somebody would like to learn more about regulations and rules go ahead for complete FIM technical regulations.

Ročenka MS AČR 2019

Přátelé, kamarádi, vážení jezdci, týmoví manažeři,
do prvního závodu zbývá 62 dní a tak je potřeba zveřejnit další část předpisů. Těmi je kompletní Ročenka MS AČR pro rok 2019. Sice to nikdo nečtete, ale v případě jakéhokoliv problému se do těchto dokumentů podívá druhá strana (ředitel závodu, sporťáci či technici) a tak je dobré vědět, čím se budou řídit. To jen abyste pak v sezoně neřekli, že jsme vás nevarovali 😉